Let’s talk about YOU. You’ve run a business for a long time. Maybe you started it with grit, blood, sweat and tears. Maybe you took over the family business. Maybe you are a serial entrepreneur. You’re looking in the rear view mirror and see the long road behind, and you see more work ahead. Is it time to sell?

Maybe you’ve spoken to advisors about selling or valuing your business. If you’re like many folks in your position, the answer is often that the value you might fetch for selling your company is less than you expected. You’ve worked too hard to let it all go for that number.

What many people don’t know is that you can take a multi-staged exit over the course of a few years, and get a chance at more than you expected, rather than taking less and walking away.

Let’s call it what it is: you need an exit plan, not just an exit. To get what you want, you need to partner with the right sponsor and plan for a proper exit that gets you the life you want, not “just enough.”

We want to help you through those stages. The first is to derisk you. That means taking the liabilities and debt off your shoulders and putting part of your equity in YOUR pocket. We do that by taking stock of today’s value, and paying an honest dollar for that. The second step is to build a plan to use our resources to do things you didn’t do, couldn’t do, or maybe dreamed you could do if only you had the team and the money to execute. We’ll partner with you on that, and in a few years, we’ll give you a second exit, an exit that should be well beyond the value you’d realize today. Third, we’ll give you another bite at the apple, for a third potential monetization event that we hope rewards you beyond your expectations.

Sound interesting? Let’s talk about your EXIT PLAN and how we can be a catalyst in taking your business through a transaction that gets you what you want.