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You’ve built something of value…we help optimize your exit

You probably have private equity chasing you, or maybe bankers looking for good deals in your industry. Do you want to exit completely? Or, do you want to de-risk and keep a few chips on the table? We want to be part of your exit and make you part of ours. We do this in three ways:

-We acquire companies when an owner would like to exit.

-We acquire control and retain the owner as part of the team, infuse capital and professionals with experience to scale the company for a greater exit.

-We connect business owners with tools, information and resources, including referring to others like us when the deal isn’t in our sweet-spot. 

The starting point

The first thing we offer is a free evaluation call with one of our principals. No need to fill out a complicated questionnaire or provide detailed financials. We’d like to get an idea of where you’re at, and get your story. From there, we can offer a few options of where you might go next. 

Our Background

Here are a few of the deals we’ve worked on in the past.


Dana was a co-founder and investor in what would become the largest religious audio publisher in the world. The business grew from startup to sale to Shamrock Capital, followed by a recapitalization to KKR as a rollup with Recorded Books.


Dana joined Goettl as a part of the executive team after its first round of private equity, and through its recapitalization to Cortec in 2021, capturing the highest multiple in the history home services acquisitions.

Mako Labs

Nate and Dana lead the first round of investment in Mako Labs, a high growth advertising platform that grew from two guys in a garage to 90 employees and $30 million in annual revenue. Nate and Dana lead the board of directors through challenges and its eventual divestiture.

United Fastener

As Managing Director at Succession Capital, a subsidiary of Lynx Equity, Nate lead the acquisition of San Diego-based United Fastener, a multigenerational business that manufactured and distributed nuts and bolts. The company continues to flourish under the ownership of Succession Capital.

Sherman Jewelry

Nate lead the acquisition of H.J. Sherman Co, Founded in 1948, and headquartered in Van Nuys, California, with support from Dana, who brought legal and industry expertise to the deal.  Succession Capital continues to operate Sherman as part of its growing international portfolio of companies. 

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